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VIBlend Ribbon UI for Windows Forms

Visual perfection, style and innovation. A total blend of funcationality, professional design and ease of use. VIBlend RibbonBar for Windows Forms is designed to give your applications outstanding looking & feel. It incorporates the latest trends and innovations in the desktop user interface technologies. VIBlend RibbonBar is one of the few WinForms Ribbon controls that supports more than fifteen themes, including Office, Vista and the new Windows 7 Ribbon styles.

Visual Styles & Animations
Office 2010, Vista, and Windows 7 style themes
Application Button
Contextual Tabs
Minimized Mode
Ribbon Gallery
Automatic resizing and scaling
Qucik Access Toolbar
Advanced Tooltips
Keyboard access and KeyTips
Customizable Item Rounded Corners
Tab Scrolling
Tab Resizing
Ribbon Group Collapsing
Excellent Performance
Easy to use APIs
Ribbon Form
Visual Studio design time support


VIBlend RibbonBar ships with more than fifteen themes including the most popular Office 2010 themes in Blue, Black and Silver styles.
RibbonBar - Office 2007 Blue Theme

You can assign a tooltip pop-up to be displayed below any control. These tooltips allow detailed user feedback such as description text, footer text, header text, image, etc.
RibbonBar - Customizable Tooltips

You can assign a VIBlend KeyTip component to any control on your form. A KeyTip is activated by clicking the Alt Key. When you click the KeyTip’s selection key then an event is fired. This allows you to capture it in the key tip’s event handler and perform any action.
RibbonBar - KeyTips

Contextual Tabs are used only in a particular context. For example you can display Contextual tabs when the user performs a specific action within your application.
RibbonBar - Contextual Tabs

VIBlend RibbonBar for WinForms supports Minimized mode. You can minimize the ribbon bar by double-clicking on a tab. When the ribbon bar is minimized, you can display the selected tab's content by clicking on it.
RibbonBar - Minimuzed Mode

VIBlend RibbonBar is ships with 20 built-in themes that allow you to easily create slick user interfaces. You can also build your own themes.

RibbonBar - Office2010 Black
Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: Windows 2000,XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows7, Windows 2008 Server
.NET Framework: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Recommended IDE: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010
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