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VIBlend Accordion, Outlook and ExplorerBar Navigation Controls for Windows Forms

If you want to incorporate the latest user interface trends in your applications, you will definitely enjoy VIBlend's navigation controls collection. VIBlend Controls for Windows Forms includes three navigation bar controls: accordion style navigation pane, outlook navigation pane, and explorer bar navigator control. These controls are very easy to use, offer codeless design time experience, and you can integrate them in your applications within minutes.
Visual Styles & Animations
Office 2010, 2007, and Vista-style Themes
Configurable Items Height
Tooltips support
Excellent Performance
Item images
Keyboard navigation
Rich programming model
Easy to use Design time

Office 2010-style Navigation controls for Windows Forms
The Accordion style Navgation pane is a WinForms control that allows you to create multiple panes which are stacked on each other. Only one of the panes is expanded at a time. Web developers often refer to this type of control as an accordion control. Each item in the Navgation pane control consist of a header and a panel control. The header is used to display the item’s text and image, as well as to handle the navigation commands. The panel is a standard Windows Forms Panel control and you can add any number of controls in it. You can even create nested navigation panes by adding a navigation pane control as a child control within the panel of a navigation pane item.
One of great visual features of Accordion Navigation Pane is the smooth expand/collapse animation activated by clicking on a item’s header. During the animation the control transitions from the currently selected pane to the pane on which the user clicked.
VIBlend Accordion Navigation Pane control for Windows Forms
The Outlook-style Navigation Pane is similar in functionality to the Outlook 2010 and 2007 navigation bars. It is the ideal choice for building Office style user interfaces. VIblend Outlook-style navigation pane allows you to change the number of visible groups by dragging the grip separator. You can also access hidden groups through the overflow panel displayed at the bottom, and customize the control using a built-in menu accessible by clicking the arrow at the bottom right corner of the navigation pane.
VIBlend Outlook Navigation Pane control for Windows Forms
VIBlend ExplorerBar is a stylish explorer-style navigation control for Windows Forms. It allows you to have more than one pane expanded at a time. If the expanded panes do not fit within the control's area, the ExplorerBar displays scroll buttons.
VIBlend ExplorerBar control for Windows Forms
VIBlend's navigation pane controls can be populated with content and customized entirely through the Visual Studio designer. Everything comes out of the box and in most case you don’t need to write even a single line of code. You can use the design-time editor to Add, Remove, and modify properties of the control’s items. Every item is customizable. Design-time properties allow you to modify the text, images, font, size and tooltips of the items.
Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: Windows 2000,XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows7, Windows 2008 Server
.NET Framework: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Recommended IDE: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010
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