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VIBlend Buttons and Editors for Windows Forms

VIBlend Controls for Windows Forms includes several commonly used controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons and editors. These controls are very easy to use and replace the standard WinForms controls. They allow you to take advantage of VIBlend's theming and animations, and create consistent, great looking User Interfaces.
Label & MultiLabel
Rich TextBox
Masked TextBox
DateTime Editor
DateTime Picker
Currency Editor
Percentage Editor
Fixed-Point Editor
Number Editor
Decimal Editor
Field Set
Options Field Set

Visual styles and Animations
Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, and Vista-style Themes
Customizable visual appearance
Excellent Performance
Intuitive programming model
Easy to use Design time

WinForms Button
VIBlend Button for Windows Forms is a standard Button control which is an alternative to the Button control which comes with Visual Studio. It supports themes, animations, images and configurable text/image relations. VIBlend Button supports six different states and the visual appearance is highly customizable. VIBlend Button for Windows Forms also offers transparency, configurable rounded corners, and absolute text and image positioning.
Button Themes Button States Text Image Relations
Button Themes Button States Button Text Image Relations

WinForms ToggleButton
VIBlend ToggleButton is a button that mimics the functionality of a check box control. The most important property of this control is the ToggleState which changes the state of the button. The ToggleButton appears differently depending on the toggle state.
Toggle Button
Normal State
Checked State

Repeat Button
VIBlend Repeat Button is a button control that raises the RepeatButtonClick event repeatedly from the time it is pressed until it is released. You can configure the time intervals between the click events raised by the repeat button.
Repeat Button
ProgressBar that handles the click events (shortly after the button is pressed)
ProgressBar that handles the click events (a few seconds after the button is pressed)

VIBlend TextBox
VIBlend TextBox extends the functionality of the standard text box by adding rich visual styles and themes. VIBlend TextBox supports right-to-left mode, multi-line mode, password mode and all of the standard functionality of the WinForms textbox control.
VIBlend TextBox  

VIBlend CheckBox and Radio Button
VIBlend RadioButton and CheckBox resemble the standard radio button and checkbox controls but they give a new look and feel of using built in themes, visual styles and animations.
VIBlend CheckBox and Radio Button for WinForms  
VIBlend TreeViewBox is an edit box with a built in TreeView control. The TreeView control’s instance can be retrieved by using the TreeView property and is shown in a popup window when the arrow button is pressed.
VIBlend TreeViewBox  

VIBlend ColorPicker for Windows Forms
VIBlend ColorPicker for WinForms is drop-down control that provides color selection functionality. The ColorPicker control has a built-in list of the most common paint colors, as well as Web, and System colors.
VIBlend ColorPicker  

FieldSet and OptionsFieldSet
"VIBlend FieldSet & OptionsFieldSet controls provide drop-down selection list functionality. These controls allow you to quickly build single or multi-choice selection interfaces.
VIBlend FieldSet & OptionsFieldSet for Windows Forms  

VIBlend ControlBox for Windows Forms
VIBlend ControlBox is a generic DropDown control that allows you to host any other Windows Forms control within the DropDown window. The example below, shows VIBlend DataGridView hosted within a ControlBox.
VIBlend ControlBox for WinForms.  

VIBlend DateTimeEditor for Windows Forms
VIBlend DateTimeEditor control is a control that allows you to easily edit DateTime objects.
Keyboard Navigation
Culture specific formating
Spin Behavior - spins the currently selected group (month, day, etc.)
Data Validation
ReadOnly Mode
Customizable Input Mask
VIBlend DateTimeEditor for WinForms.  

Numeric, Decimal, Currency, Fixed-point, Percentage
Enhanced TextBox controls that allow you to enter and edit numeric values, such as currency, percentage, or numbers. You can provide a format string to ensure the data matches to a specific format.
Culture specific formatting
Keyboard Navigation
Shortcut keys - Cut, Copy, Paste with Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
Negative values support
Spin behavior
Unlimited Undo / Redo
Data Validation
Read Only mode
Customizable decimal places
Customizable Input Mask
VIBlend Editors for WinForms.  

VIBlend MaskEditor for Windows Forms
VIBlend MaskEditor control is an input control that contains a mask in the text field. You can use the control for input of information such as a telephone number, social security numbers, or any kind of data input that follows a specific format.
Mask specific formatting
Keyboard Navigation
Shortcut keys - Cut, Copy, Paste with Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
Data Validation
Read Only mode
Customizable PromptChar
VIBlend MaskEditor for WinForms.  

Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: Windows 2000,XP, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows7, Windows 2008 Server
.NET Framework: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Recommended IDE: Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010
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