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VIBlend Silverlight Menu Control - FREE

If you are looking for a Silverlight menu this is the perfect solution. Thousands of Silverlight developers have already downloaded this excellent control. We collected a lot of feedback, made multiple improvements and fixed a good number of bugs. This control is solid and offers features that other menu controls (including expensive ones) may not have. Best of all it is FREE.

We added many great looking themes but you can also build your own. If you want to share VIBlend Silverlight Menu themes with other developers, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to include them in the product.

We don’t have a separate download for VIBlend Silverlight Menu. You must download the full VIBlend Silverlight Controls package. Most of the controls in the package are not free and you may see trial pop-up messages. The Silverlight Menu control does not trigger trial pop-ups and you don’t have to purchase a license because it’s free. You can use the Silverlight Menu control for commercial and non-commercial applications (read the EULA for more details). If you have any questions feel free to send an email to our technical support and we will be happy to assist you.

Live Demo
Boundary Detection
Keyboard Navigation
Data Binding
Vertical Menu Orientation
Context Menu
Item Templates
Scrollable Items Panel
Check / Uncheck Menu Items
Great choice of Themes

Great Selection of Themes

VIBlend Menu and ContextMenu controls ship with seventeen themes including Office 2010 Blue, Black, and Silver, as well as Office 2007 Blue, Black and Silver. These themes help you to develop applications with an unmatched look and feel.

Silverlight Menu Orange Theme

Silverlight Menu Nero Theme

Silverlight Menu Office 2007 Black Theme

Silverlight Menu Office Black Theme

Vertical Menu Orientation

You can set the orientation of the VIBlend Menu control by changing a single property.

Silverlight Vertical Menu

Scrollable Menu Items Panel

In case the available height is too small to fit a group of menu items, the group becomes scrollable.

Silverlight Menu Scroll Panel

Boundary Detection

VIBlend Menu and Context Menu controls detect the Silverlight plug-in boundaries and automatically adjust their items in order to make them visible.

Silverlight Menu Boundary Detection

Check / Uncheck Items

Menu items support checked and unchecked states. You can easily make any menu item behave like a checkbox.

Silverlight Menu Control

Context Menu

VIBlend ContextMenu enables you to build hierarchies of menu items in order to achieve the navigation that you need.
Silverlight Context Menu Control
Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 2008 Server
.NET Framework: 4.0
Silverlight version: 4.0
Recommended IDE: Visual Studio 2010
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