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VIBlend Buttons and Common controls for Silverlight

VIBlend Controls for Silverlight includes a set of buttons and frequently used controls that allow you to easily create great looking Silverlight applications with common look and feel. Each of these controls allows customization of the user interface through the template based architecture of Silverlight.

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Button, ToggleButton, RepeatButton, SplitButton and DropDownButton
Every application needs button controls. VIBlend Buttons for Silverlight are lightweight and easy to use controls that give your applications enhanced and high quality buttons. You can put any object inside the button control such as a string, image, datetime or a UIElement.

Rounded Corners
Office 2007 and Office 2010 Themes
Customizable Foreground
Text and Image relative to each other.
Text and Image alignment

VIBlend Silverlight Button Controls

CheckBox and RadioButton

VIBlend CheckBox and RadioButton controls allow the user to select from a list of options. CheckBox control allow the user to select a combination of options. In contrast, the RadioButton control allow the user to select from mutually exclusive options. VIBlend CheckBox and RadioButton are content controls. Their content can be any type of object, such as a string, a UIElement, or something else.

Customizable check and radio marks positions
Customizable check and radio marks colors
Office 2007 and Office 2010 Themes

Silverlight CheckBox and RadioButton


VIBlend GroupBox for Silverlight is a container control that allow you to logically organize your controls into groups.

Header Templates
Content Templates
Collapsed and Expanded states
Collapse modes
Header positions
Highlight state
Office 2010 and Office 2007 Themes

Silverlight GroupBox


VIBlend ColorPicker for Silverlight is drop-down control that provides color selection functionality. The ColorPicker control has a built-in list of the most common paint colors. You can also add additional color palettes and customize the display format of the selected color.

Silverlight ColorPicker

Slider and ProgressBar

VIBlend Slider and ProgressBar controls have completely customizable appearance and offer many configuration options like orientation, small change, large change and many others. VIBlend ProgressBar control is designed to represent the progress of a lengthy operation with one of two styles. The Slider control allows you to select a value from a range of values by dragging a thumb along a track.

Silverlight TextBox
Requirements and compatibility
Operating System: XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 2008 Server
.NET Framework: 4.0
Silverlight version: 4.0
Recommended IDE: Visual Studio 2010
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