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Unique .NET Data Grid for Silverlight. Excellent performance, Data binding support, Unbound mode, Outlook-style grouping, Nested grids, Pivot table views.

One of the most flexible controls in our library is the grid control. VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight is the first fully functional OLAP grid for Silverlight. It brings together the features of traditional data grid controls, hierarchical grids and Excel-like pivot tables.VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight supports both data bindings and complete unbound mode. You can visualize a database table, bind to a generic collection or populate the grid's content through APIs without using any datasource.

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Standard features

Among the hundreds of features VIBlend DataGrid supports rows and columns resizing, customizable tooltips, cell styles, cell templates and formatting, full drag-and-drop support for columns and rows, keyboard navigation, multiple cells selection, full row/column select mode.

In-place cell editing

Choose from many embeddable cell editors inlcuding textbox, checkbox, datetime picker, masked textbox, or any custom control of your choice.

Cells Merge

Most Silverlight DataGrids don't support cells merging. That's not the case with VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight. You can easily marge grid cells by changing the rows span and columns span properties of any grid cell.

Data Binding and Unbound mode

VIBlend Data Grid for Silverlight allows you to work in bound and unbound mode. You can bind to different data sources like data base tables, generic collections and more.

Hierarchies on Rows and on Columns

Hierarchical rows and columns support is at the core of our Data Grid products. It works out of the box in bound and unbound mode. You can use it to group your data, build custom layouts, display hierarchical data structures, and build and manipulate pivot tables.

Data Sorting

The data grid control supports built-in powerful sorting capabilities like one-click automatic sorting, selection of sort option from a context menu, and sorting through APIs. The datagrid automatically recognizes the type of the grid cells and chooses the most appropriate comparison. You can also implement and use a custom comparer. Unlike other data grids on market, VIBlend Data Grid allows you to sort both on rows and on columns. The sorting works well in bound and unbound mode with all possible configurations including rows grouping and pivot tables.


Data filtering is a fundamental feature in all professional data grid controls. VIBlend DataGrid allows you to filter the data using APIs or convinient built-in UI filtering options. The build-in filtering interface supports check-box filtering as well as custom filter rules.

Rows Grouping

The group-by support displays a flat list of rows as interactive expand/collapse groups. It works with multiple columns with built-in drag and drop, sorting and filtering.

Pivot tables

VIBlend DataGrid is the only product on the market that combines traditional data grid, hierarchical grid and pivot tables features in a single component. You won't have to worry about buying, learing and integrating two or three different components.

Pivot table sorting by Label

The columns and rows hierarchies are sortable by their label text. This sorting option is available in addition to the standard ascending and descending cell value sorting.

Compact style and traditional Pivot Rows Rendering

The data grid control support two different layout styles of rows hierarchy. The compact style uses less space and the parent rows are rendered above their child rows regardless of their expand state.

Data aggregation capabilities

Support for pivot cell aggregations functions like Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Average, Product, Count, StDev, StDevP, Var, VarP.

Automatic Grand Totals and SubTotals Optional display and automatic calculation of grand totals and sub totals for pivot rows and columns.

Nested Data Grids

The flexibly layout enables easy nesting of any content or UI component including nested data grids.

Row Details

Expandable row details are built-in and easy to use. You can change the height of the row details area and use custom data templates.

Scrolling Performance

Choose different scroll modes including deferred scrolling, real-time scrolling and optional scroll animations.

Localization support

Customize the text in the context menus, pivot design forms and filtering dialogs in any language.
Controls included in the package

In addition to the DataGrid control, the package includes the following controls: Menu, ContextMenu, Button, ToggleButton, RepeatButton, ListBox, ComboBox, CheckedListBox, TextBox, PasswordTextBox, DateTimeEditor and DateTimePicker.

Licensing cost

The commercial license of the Silverlight DataGrid package costs only $199 per developer. The price includes 12 months e-mail based technical support and free upgrades to new versions. All controls are written entirely in C# and XAML. If you need to license the source code, you can consider our Silverlight Ultimate package.

Free Download

Download and try our Silverlight DataGrid control for free. The trial version includes all features and has no functional restrictions. You will occasionally see trial pop-up windows.

Development environment requirements

Before using VIBlend Silverlight Controls make sure to install Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight SDK and Silverlight Visual Studio Tools.

Runtime requirements

Once you build your application or website the client machines would require only a Silverlight browser plug-in. The redistributable assemblies of VIBlend Silverlight Controls will be part of your application's build.

Data Binding and UnBound mode

VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight can be bound to a data source or used in unbound mode. It provides a comprehensive set of easy to use APIs that allow you to access and customize almost every little detail.

OLAP Grid - Pivot Table Report

Built-in data aggregation engine capable of turning any tabular data source into a pivot table ready for powerful multidimensional data analysis.

Row Details

VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight allow you to specify grid row templates that provide more detailed information. The row details functionality is enabled via standard Silverlight DataTemplates. This allows you to easily display any type of content. The row details area height is configurable for each individual row.

Rows Grouping

VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight allows you to group rows by the value of one or more columns. This feature is very useful in many business applications where the data source contains a larger number of rows. For example, you can group Sales records by Product, by Date or any other data column.

Sorting by Rows or Columns

Advanced data sorting functionality, including one-click automatic sorting, context menu, sorting by label, columns sorting and ability to plug-in custom sorting algorithms.

VIBlend Silverlight Data Grid Sorting
Advanced Filtering

Built-in filters, and filter expression definition UI for the most common numerical, date/time and text data types. Extensible APIs allow you to build custom filters and filtering expressions for any data type.

Cell Images & Cell Data Templates

Create great looking interfaces with cell images, editable fields, animations and themes. The data grid cells are completely customizable. You can easily change Styles and DataTemplates for entire rows, columns or individual grid cells.

Silverlight Data Grid - Cell Images & Cell Templates
Nested Data Grids

Display any custom content nested inside the data grids including nested data grids.

Silverlight Nested Grid
Sub Totals and Grand Totals

In Pivot mode, VIBlend DataGrid for Silverlight allows you to display automatic sub totals and grand totals. You can enable sub totals and grand totals independently for rows and columns.

Silverlight DataGrid Pivot SubTotas and GrandTotals
Themes and Styling

Choose from many built-in themes or modify the styles and colors of almost any visual element. You can build a custom cell style, or cell data template and use it with any grid cell.

Silverlight DataGrid - Themes and Styling.
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