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    Privacy Policy



      The purpose of this statement is a written agreement between VIBlend and you as a visitor of this web site. We highly respect the privacy of the Internet users, and treat every individual with strict confidentiality. VIBlend reserves the right to change this policy at any time. You will be notified about any new changes through this web site.

Collection of Information

     VIBlend may collect specific anonymous user data through the web logs of this web site. The collected information will be used solely for statistical purposes. This type of information includes, but is not limited to, IP address, browser type, time of visit, proxy server address. We will not disclose this information to third parties in any form. VIBlend will not collect ANY kind of personal information without the user's explicit permission. Personal information will be collected only when the user registers (creates a login account) through our web site. We reserve the right to use this information for technical support, marketing, promotions, and newsletters. If you need to unsubscribe or permanently delete your login account please e-mail to:

Anti SPAM Policy

        VIBlend will not share your e-mail address or other contact information with third parties. We reserve the right to send newsletters, conference invitations, and promotions to our registered users. If you don't want to receive certain type of e-mails or other promotion materials please e-mail to: The termination of your subscription will be processed within 48h after we receive your e-mail.

Contact information

If you have questions regarding this privacy statement, please contact us at

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