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Product Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions
All VIBlend .NET Windows Forms and Silverlight products are licensed per-developer seat based on an annual subscription model. This means that you get 12 months of technical support and free upgrades (both minor and major versions). The 12 months time frame starts from the date of purchase. At the end of the 12 months period you can choose, at your discretion, to pay 50% of the original purchase price to “renew” the subscription and receive another 12 months. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you can continue using the latest version you obtained before the subscription expired. You have the right to use it indefinitely as long as you comply with the EULA.
The Ultimate editions of VIBlend Silverlight, WinForms and WPF controls, as well as the VIBlend Premium packages come with 12 months of premium technical support and unrestricted upgrades. There are no additional upgrade fees and you can use the latest versions as long as you comply with the EULA. The premium support expires after 12 months and you can optionally extend it for another 12 months by paying a small fee.
What is a per-developer licensing?
Each developer who uses our products must obtain a license. The developer may install and use the product on a primary computer, laptop or another computer as long as no one else will use the software on these machines. If you need more than one license we offer excellent volume discounts. In addition, if you want to obtain licenses for more than 50 developers you can purchase a Site License (per Office location) or an Enterprise License (per Company).
How do I renew my Subscription License?
Shortly before your 1 year subscription expires, we will send you an invitation to renew. The subscription renewal will cost you approximately 50% of the original price of the license. If you decide to renew your subscription, we will send you further instructions. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you can continue using the latest version you obtained before the subscription expired.
My annual subscription expired and I didn’t renew. Can I renew it later?
Yes. You can renew your subscription at any time after the 12 months period expires. The only difference is that you pay 75% of the purchase price instead of 50%.
Do you offer discounts for more than 1 license?
VIBlend offers the following discounts for more than 1 license:

2 licenses - 10%
3 licenses - 15%
4 - 10 licenses - 25%
11 - 49 licenses - 35%
50+ licenses - 45%

If you are making the purchase on-line, just type the number of the licenses you want to purchase and click on the 'Update Cart' button. The volume discount will be automatically applied.
Do I have to pay royalties if I use VIBlend controls and components within my application?
We don’t charge any royalties. Our licensing model is very simple and cost effective. We do not restrict the number of products you build and distribute. We license the software per developer seat only. You need a developer license for every software engineer who uses the product.
Do you accept checks?
Yes, we do. Please contact our Sales Team at for information and a proforma invoice. We will create a customer account and will send you the license(s) immediately after we clear the check.
Do I need separate licenses for production and build machines?
No. The licensing is not per-machine and therefore you don't need additional licenses for production servers, test and build machines.
Can I purchase the source code?
You can obtain a license that includes the full source code. Our products (both source code and binary versions) are licensed and not sold. If you are interested in obtaining a license that includes the source code contact us at:
Do you offer competitive upgrades?
Yes, we do offer competitive upgrades. Please contact our sales team at for more information.
How do I receive the invoice for my purchase?
To request an invoice, please send an e-mail to We will send you a PDF invoice.
I need to modify the source code and redistribute the modified assemblies with my application. Can I do that?
Yes. You can make modifications to our source code and redistribute the modified libraries with your products. However, you cannot use any portion of our software to build and offer competing products or software solutions. This restriction applies both to source code and binary licenses.
I am interested in evaluating your products. How does your free trial download work?
We offer free fully functional trial versions of our products. However, trial version reminder notices will be displayed until a registered license is applied.
How long does the trial version last?
There are no time restrictions. You can use the trial version to fully evaluate and test before you make a purchase decision.
Can I receive technical support during my trial evaluation period?
Yes. All trial licenses come with 2 months FREE Support package, which guarantees a response from the VIBlend support staff. There are no purchase or subscription requirements. If you have questions or need more examples just send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you.
What should I do, if I have lost my Procuct License?
You can retrieve your product License(s) at any time. In case you lost your license, please contact us at and include as much of the purchase information as possible(company name, e-mail address).
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