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Who can get a FREE copy?
If you are a person who is recognized in the software developers community for your contributions, you can get a FREE license of our software. In most cases, this category includes Microsoft MVPs, Distinguished Scientists and people recognized by prestigious organizations like ACM, IEEE and others.
Discounts for Microsoft Certified Professionals and Certified Partners
If you are a software engineer holding a MCP or higher level of certification, you qualify for 10% discount on all our products.

If you are a Microsoft Certified Partner and your organization needs to purchase multiple copies of our software, you can get 10% discount in addition to our volume discount. The discount percentage depends on your certification level.
Discounts for Academic Institutions and Non-profit organizations
If you represent a school, community college, university or another institution of higher education, you qualify for 50% academic discount in addition to our standard volume discount.

If you need to purchase our software for a non-profit organization, please send us an email with a short information about your organization and a link to your website (if available).
Discounts for Web Bloggers
If you own a blog or a web site focused on technologies related to the Windows platform, you can get a free copy or a discount when you link to our web site or post an article about our products. If you want to get a free copy or a discount, please, contact us before you post in order to determine whether you qualify. In most cases, we are looking for several key factors like the traffic to the blog or web site, the reputation of the author within the Microsoft developers community, as well as how closely related the blog or the web site is to our products. We may request traffic statistics (for example a link to your web counter), as well as a short information about yourself and your blog or website. 
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