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VIBlend Controls for Silverlight v5.0 released with 2 new controls

by viblend 24. May 2011 22:19

We are happy to announce that the new version of VIBlend Controls for Silverlight was just released with 2 new controls - Scheduler and Child Window. The Scheduler control provides the easiest way to integrate rich scheduling and calendar fuctionality in your Silverlight applications. It supports 4 different and fully customizable views - Day View, Week View, WorkWeek View and Month View. as well as data binding capabilities, recurring appointmens, edit dialogs and much more. More information about this control is available on its official page.

The ChildWindow control allows you to display a modal or non-modal popup in your Silverlight applications. When the window is opened in a modal mode, the end-users cannot access any part of the interface outside of the dialog.
The default mode of the control enables the end-users to access the application's user interface.

 If you want to check out the latest release, it is now available for download.

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