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VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.5.0 - Released

by viblend 15. August 2011 21:34

We are happy to announce the availability of VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.5.0.

What's New:

New: DataGrid data binding to sub properties.
Improved DataGrid multiple cells selection.
Improved DataGrid keyboard navigation.
Improved DataGrid editing logic in unbound mode.
Improved DataGrid cell templates support.

What's Fixed:

Fix: resolved an issue regarding the DataGrid cell editors.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the DataGrid selection border.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the DataGrid Pivot Design Panel.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the DataGrid Dispose logic.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the localization of the DataGrid's Filtering Window.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the DataGrid Columns Auto-Size behavior.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the Numeric Editors Validation.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the ComboBox data binding.
Fix: resolved an issue regarding the ComboBox selection.

To download an evaluation version, please visit our Download page. 

VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.0

by viblend 28. March 2011 02:35

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.0.0.

Highlights of the new features and improvements in the new version are:

  •     New Controls: ComboBox, ListBox, DataGrid Pivot Design Panel, DataGrid Grouping Panel.
  •     New Default Theme for all controls in the package.
  •     DataGrid Pivot table aggregation functions - StDev, StDevP, Var, VarP.
  •     Improved help documentation.

  If you want to check out the latest release, it is now available for download

New Pivot Table aggregation functions coming to VIBlend WPF DataGrid

by viblend 10. March 2011 02:59

We are adding several important pivot tables improvements in VIBlend WPF DataGrid. The upcoming release will feature four additional data aggregation functions: StDev, StDevP, Var and VarP. The StDev function calculates the standard deviation on a sample of values while the StDevP function calculates it on the entire population of values. The Var and VarP functions calculate the variance on a sample of values and on the entire population. With these new functions you will be able to load the WPF DataGrid with a set of data records, pivot by any column and see the aggregated results. All this can be expressed entirely in XAML:

    x:Name="pivotGrid1" >
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Country" DataField="Country"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Region" DataField="Region"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="City" DataField="City"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Shipping Company" DataField="ShipperCompany"/>
    <viblend:BoundValueField Text="Standard Deviation"


Another important key feature that you can expect in the new release is the Pivot Design Panel. The Pivot Design panel provides an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface for defining pivot table views. You can choose the pivot rows, pivot columns, pivot filters, data fields and data aggregation functions.  This solution is ideal for building a wide range of in-house OLAP and BI applications. The Pivot Design panel is already available in our Silverlight and Windows Forms suites.

Free Themes for the standard WPF controls

by viblend 5. December 2010 11:15

In the new release of VIBlend WPF Controls we will extend our collection of Free Themes for the standard WPF controls. The collection will include Office2010 Blue, Black and Silver, Office 2007 Blue, Black and Silver and one additional brand new theme that we called ‘Silver’. All of these themes are provided for free without any restrictions. You can use them in your commercial projects and non-commercial projects totally free of charge.

Here are a few screenshots of the new themes:

- Office2007 Black

- Office2007 Blue 

- Office2007 Silver

- Silver

VIBlend WPF Controls v2.0 - Released

by viblend 10. August 2010 08:13
VIBlend  is proud to announce the immediate availability of the VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 2.0 – feature complete WPF components for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. In this new release, VIBlend introduces several new controls and adds numerous new features to the existing controls.

New controls include:
  • WPF DataGrid/PivotGrid control
  • WPF OutlookPane
  • WPF NavigationPane
  • WPF ScrollablePanel
  • WPF SpinEditor
  • WPF PromptTextBox
  • WPF DateTimePicker
  • WPF CheckedListBox
Updates and new features:
  • Help Documentation
  • Editors Themes
  • Editors Data Binding capabilities
  • Editors Clipboard support
  • Editors Keyboard Navigation
  • Editors now have a built-in validation
  • DateTimeEditor now have a support for Null Values
  • VS2010 and VS2008 toolbox integration
New Themes:
  • Office2010Black
  • Office2010Blue
  • Office2010Silver
  • Office2007Blue
  • Office2007Silver
  • Office2007Black
Note: The Office2010 themes include a set of free styles for the standard WPF controls.

To download your free evaluation copy of VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 2.0, login into your account and visit our product download page at:

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