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Ribbon Bar for Silverlight

by viblend 4. January 2011 20:08

The next version of VIBlend Controls for Silverlight is approaching and there is one major control that will come with it.  The new VIBlend Ribbon Bar control for Silverlight will allow you to easily add an Office 2010 ribbon user interface to your Silverlight applications.


Key Features:

  • Office 2010 Themes:  Blue, Black and Silver
  • Contextual Tab groups
  • Key Tips and Screen tips
  • Built-in Ribbon Gallery control with powerful customization capabilities
  • Ability to add any control into the ribbon groups, galleries, popups, menus, or the application menu.
  • Ability to display close buttons in the RibbonTab items
  • Quick access toolbar which can be displayed above or below the ribbon.
  • Minimized mode
  • Built-in commands for commonly used operations
  • Built-in ContextMenu
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

New RibbonBar Control for Windows Forms

by viblend 25. April 2009 19:40

We recently added a ribbon bar control to our components suite. One of the cool and unique features is that it supports Windows7 Scenic look and feel besides the standard Office2007 styles. You can change the style of the RibbonBar control by setting the RibbonStyle property.

Windows7 style Ribbon

You can find more about SuperRibbonBar at the Winforms Ribbon interface product page:

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