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VIBlend Controls for Windows Phone 7 - Released

by viblend 24. May 2011 22:04

We are excited to announce the first release of VIBlend Controls for Windows Phone 7. This new product will help you in the development of Windows Phone 7 applications. The first version of the product includes 20+ feature rich and easy to use controls such as: ListBox, ComboBox, CheckedListBox, Buttons, Mask, Currency, Number, Percentage and DateTime Editors, Navigation Bar and Group Box.


The VIBlend Controls for Windows Phone 7 suite is offered as part of the VIBlend Silverlight Controls(Ultimate Edition) package.

Please feel free to contact our support team at, if you have any questions.

VIBlend Silverlight Controls v3.0 - Released

by viblend 14. September 2010 20:47

VIBlend is announcing the immediate availability of the VIBlend Controls for Silverlight ver. 3.0.

With 19 new controls, Themes and enhanced functionality in the DataGrid, Menu and SpinEditor, VIBlend Controls for Silverlight empower developers to build full featured and great looking line-of-business applications.

New features:

  • Menu and ContextMenu controls now have 17 built-in Themes including Office 2010 Blue, Black and Silver and Office 2007 Blue, Black and Silver
  • DataGrid Enhancements  - The latest release introduces Export to Excel, CSV, HTML and XML.
  • 19 new editors such as ComboBox, ListBox, CheckedListBox, GroupBox, ColorPicker, RadioButton, CheckBox, Slider, Button, ToggleButton, etc.
  • Data Input Editors and NavigationPane now have an improved Data Binding capabilities.
See our Silverlight Controls Live Demo and Download a free trial today.

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