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VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.0

by viblend 28. March 2011 02:35

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of VIBlend WPF Controls ver. 4.0.0.

Highlights of the new features and improvements in the new version are:

  •     New Controls: ComboBox, ListBox, DataGrid Pivot Design Panel, DataGrid Grouping Panel.
  •     New Default Theme for all controls in the package.
  •     DataGrid Pivot table aggregation functions - StDev, StDevP, Var, VarP.
  •     Improved help documentation.

  If you want to check out the latest release, it is now available for download

Improved filtering capabilities in the new VIBlend WPF DataGrid

by viblend 19. March 2011 22:47

The new release of VIBlend Controls for WPF is almost here and we wanted to share with you some additional details about it. One of the major changes in the new version will be the updated WPF
Filtering functionality. The DataGrid filtering window will be extended by providing an easier and user-friendly experience. The new filtering window will show a checked list box, allowing for single
and/or multiple selections. The previous filtering mechanism will still be available and you will be able to switch to it by clicking a single button. The Grouping Panel which is already available in our WinForms
and Silverlight grid controls is coming to the WPF DataGrid, too. This new feature allows you to drag a column header to the panel above the grid to group the data. You can also programmatically group data
by using intuitive API. Data can be grouped by single or multiple columns at the same time. It is needless to say that the API of our WPF and Silverlight Data Grid controls will still be fully compatible.


New Pivot Table aggregation functions coming to VIBlend WPF DataGrid

by viblend 10. March 2011 02:59

We are adding several important pivot tables improvements in VIBlend WPF DataGrid. The upcoming release will feature four additional data aggregation functions: StDev, StDevP, Var and VarP. The StDev function calculates the standard deviation on a sample of values while the StDevP function calculates it on the entire population of values. The Var and VarP functions calculate the variance on a sample of values and on the entire population. With these new functions you will be able to load the WPF DataGrid with a set of data records, pivot by any column and see the aggregated results. All this can be expressed entirely in XAML:

    x:Name="pivotGrid1" >
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Country" DataField="Country"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Region" DataField="Region"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="City" DataField="City"/>
      <viblend:BoundField Text="Shipping Company" DataField="ShipperCompany"/>
    <viblend:BoundValueField Text="Standard Deviation"


Another important key feature that you can expect in the new release is the Pivot Design Panel. The Pivot Design panel provides an intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface for defining pivot table views. You can choose the pivot rows, pivot columns, pivot filters, data fields and data aggregation functions.  This solution is ideal for building a wide range of in-house OLAP and BI applications. The Pivot Design panel is already available in our Silverlight and Windows Forms suites.

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