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VIBlend Controls for WinForms ver. 4.5 - Released

by viblend 30. March 2010 17:29

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of VIBlend Controls for WinForms ver. 4.5. The majority of the changes in this release are concentrated on making our WinForms controls more robust and easy to use. You can also find the new CheckedListBox and RadioListBox controls as well as three completely new themes for all of our controls - Office2010Blue, Office2010Black and Office2010Silver.

Below is the full list of new controls, new features, functionality changes and bug fixes:

New Controls:


New Themes:


New Features and improvements:

DataGridView - added Pivot Table Grand Totals feature
DataGridView - added ColumnsHierarchy AutoStretchCololumns property
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.IsSorted property
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.SortingChanged event
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.SortingDirection property
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.SortItem property
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.IsFiltered property
DataGridView - added Hierarchy.FiltersChanged event
DataGridView - added ability to specify almost all HierarchyItem properties during the data binding via BoundField properties
DataGridView - simplified Cells text formatting via new HierarchyItem.CellsFormatString and HierarchyItem.CellsFormatProvider properties
DataGridView - added column best fit when the user double clicks on the columns separator line.
DataGridView - added CellValueChanging Cancel event.
DataGridView - added CellValueChanged event.

GroupBox - added BorderRadius property which specifies the rounding of the border’s corners.
TabPage – added ContentBorder and UseContentBorder properties which specify whether the content’s border should be drawn by using the theme’s color or by using the ContentBorder property
TabPage – added ContentBackColor and UseContentBackColor properties which specify whether the content’s background should be drawn by using the theme’s back color of by using the ContentBackColor property.
TabPage - Added UseThemeTextColor, TextColor, HighlightedTextColor and PressedTextColor properties which specify the TabPage’s text color in the default, highlight and selected states.
TabPage – UseDefaultTextFont and TextFont properties – specify whether the tab page’s text is drawn by using the default theme’s font or by using the TextFont property.
TabPage – Added  UseSpecificThemeSetters property which enables/disables the tab page’s specific theme settings. For example when the property ‘s value is false, the tab page will be drawn using the same colors as the button control.
TabControl – Added functionality which allows you to customize TabPage’s rendering.
TabControl – Added functionality which allows you to customize title area’s rendering.
TabControl – design time – allows you to edit the items through the action list
Panel – Added a functionality which allows you to customize its border color instead of using the default theme’s border color.
ExplorerBar, NavigationPane and OutlookNavPane – Added functionality which allows you to customize the rendering.
ExplorerBar, NavigationPane and OutlookNavPane – API improvements
ListBox – Added new rendering properties to the ListItem  - TextColor, SelectedTextColor , HighlightedTextColor and UseThemeTextColor properties. They allow you to customize the item’s text color.
ListBox – Improved rendering functionality. Added owner drawing capabilities of ListItems.
TreeView – Improved rendering functionality. Added owner drawing capabilities of TreeNodes.
Buttons – Improved rendering functionality. Added owner drawing capabilities.
ColorPicker – Added new event which allows you to track when a color is changed.
Design time behavior of the layout panels.
TextBox – Added rendering options which allow you to customize its border color.
DateTimeEditor – Added null dates support
DateTimeEditor – F2 key sets the value to null, F3 key sets the value to Today’s date.


GroupBox - text is drawn under the border
ExplorerBar, NavigationPane and OutlookNavPane disabled state rendering.
ExplorerBar, NavigationPane and OutlookNavPane – do not update the theme settings correctly when a new item is added.
DataGridView - Fixed sorting issue with grouping columns
DataGridView - Fixed control level mouse events raising issue.
NumericEditors – shift key issue
NumericEditors – NumPad navigation
DateTimeEditor – NumPad navigation
ControlBox – drop down is opened on double click
TabControl – keyboard navigation issue – allows you to select disabled items.
TabControl – disabled tab pages issue – rendering was incorrect
TabControl – runtime scrolling issue – allows you to scroll more than it is needed.
TabControl – hidden tab pages issue
TabControl – design time scrolling issue – does not allow you to scroll in design time.
TabControl – design time hit test issue
DateTimeEditor – spin up/down behavior fix
DateTimePicker - DatePicker and DateTimeEditor – ReadOnly support
Scrollbars theming issue
NumericEditors – dot key support from the numpad
NumericEditors – minus key support from the numpad
ButtonEditBase – fixed a layout issue
NumericEditors – fixed an issue when the caret is in the last position



How to add a control in OutlookPane for Silverlight

by viblend 23. March 2010 05:07

In the new release of VIBlend Controls for Silverlight, we added several new controls. One of them is the OutlookPane control. In this blog post we show you how to add any control as a content to it.

At first you need to add references to the NavigationPanes.dll, VIBlendUtilities.dll and Extensions.dll in order to use the OutlookPane and Calendar controls. Then you should create the DataTemplates for the OutlookPane items. The CalendarTemplate simply adds an Image on the left side of a TextBlock. In the source code below, this template is used to define the look of the OutlookPaneItem’s header. The other data template is the ShortCalendarTemplate which is used when the OutlookPaneItem is collapsed or  shown in the OutlookPane’s status area.  After the creation of the DataTemplates,  you should add a new instance of the OutlookPane control and insert a new OutlookPaneItem to it. Finally, put a new Calendar control as a content of the OutlookPaneItem.

Source Code:

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">
            <DataTemplate x:Name="CalendarTemplate">
              <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                    <Image Margin="2" Width="18" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="18" Source="calendarIcon.png"></Image>
                    <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Left" FontWeight="Bold" Text="Calendar"></TextBlock>
            <DataTemplate x:Name="ShortCalendarTemplate">
                <Image Margin="2" Width="18" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="18" Source="calendarIcon.png"></Image>
        <viblend:OutlookPane Width="250" Height="300" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center">
                <viblend:OutlookPaneItem IsSelected="True" MenuItemHeader="Calendar" CollapsedDefaultHeaderTemplate="{StaticResource ShortCalendarTemplate}" 
                                             CollapsedStatusContentTemplate="{StaticResource ShortCalendarTemplate}"
                                             DefaultHeaderTemplate="{StaticResource CalendarTemplate}"
                <toolkit:Calendar VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center"></toolkit:Calendar>

Here is the result:


VIBlend Silverlight Controls - ver. 2.0 Released

by viblend 3. March 2010 05:26

We are proud to announce the second major release of VIBlend Controls for Silverlight.

With the new release, VIBlend has officially included in the suite four new controls – OutlookPane, NavigationPane, DateTimePicker and ScrollablePanel. Not only we introduced new controls, but we also improved the quality and functionality of the existing ones and added over 10 new examples to show how our controls work.

The Menu and Context Menu controls from the toolset are now provided free of charge to all registered users.

See our Silverlight Controls Live Demo and Download a free trial today.

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